Mixed-Use Development

A new take on work life balance:

More and more, consumers are showing a growing desire to live in walkable work-play communities. Whether in downtown area of large and small cities or in urbanizing suburbs, a significant lifestyle shift points to highly designed personal living space, shared social space, and public or publicly accessible amenities converging into one.

On-demand culture has taken hold in many ways. E-commerce has driven radical changes in consumption habits. As a result of online marketing and at-home delivery, the retail sector is changing on a scale not seen since the advent of the suburban shopping center in the 50’s.

CF & Associates LLC will be at the forefront of successfully developing residential and retail mixed-use environments and has increasingly pursued these developments since the last recession.

Whether delivering a retail component to our retail partner for their ownership and operation or owning and operating the retail ourselves, we have honed the institutional knowledge and capabilities to deliver complex mixed-use products.

Rather than merely reducing excess retail capacity. We offer retail property owners the alternative of reconfiguring older retail assets into potential street-level retail while adding residential density.

Why Partner With CF & Associates LLC?

Through our operations teams, we offer retail partners the ability to work on multiple site locations backed by a track record of success and consistency. Beyond the power of our care set of values and mission to build a better tomorrow, we also act as our own general contractor, providing streamlined execution for our retail partners. These capabilities enable CF & Associates LLC to perform in the time frames required to effect a mixed-use development program, successfully maneuver the myriad of technical building issues in mixed-use environments, and complete the legal documentation necessary for mixed-use projects with multiple ownership entities.

  • A clear corporate commitment to mixed-use development and acquisition
  • Expertise developing, constructing, and operating mixed-use product in all of our regions
  • Shared best practices and consistent approach company wide
  • A balance sheet second to none
  • A single point of contact for all mixed-use development
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