About Us

CF & Associates LLC is driven by a bold purpose: creating a better way to live. We were founded in 2017 with the goal in adding value back to low Economic growth areas of Massachusetts.

We aim, to not just provide high quality and highly desirable living conditions, but a community that links the local business and vendors and Technology together to create a better life experience.

We do this by providing distinctive apartment living experiences and contributing to the vitality of local communities. All of the CF & Associates team, from community maintenance managers to development directors to accounts payable analysts, have a role to play in bringing our purpose to life.

Our core values and cultural norms define our standards of behavior and guide our decisions.

A Commitment to Integrity
Do the right thing – always.

A Spirit of Caring
Have genuine kindness and concern for others.

A Focus on Continuous Improvement
Always try to get better.

We Collaborate.
We solve problems together in the best interests of all stakeholders—our customers, associates, shareholders and communities. In making decisions, we consider other perspectives and listen to each other, our customers and the market. We share our time and knowledge with each other, and we actively seek ideas and support from others.

We Excel
We expect the best from ourselves and our colleagues. By being highly engaged in this way, we produce outstanding results. We are motivated self-starters who care and work intensely for CF & Associates LLC success.

We Innovate
We challenge convention and recognize problems as the seeds for innovation. We generate new ideas, offer better solutions and embrace change at all levels. Knowing that not all ideas will work, we test new concepts before implementing them full-scale, and we discuss and learn from our failures.

We Act Like Owners
We use the company’s resources responsibly. We take smart risks by weighing the pros and cons of decisions, and we take ownership of and accountability for our choices and actions. We act in ways that focus on creating value for our customers, associates and community.

We Are Thoughtful And Thorough
We use reliable data and sound judgment when making decisions and taking action. That means we do our homework and avoid jumping to conclusions. We plan well, think through the big picture and evaluate the consequences of our decisions in order to best manage risks.

We Show Appreciation.
We recognize and reward excellent performance, celebrating successes of all sizes in all areas. We provide open, honest feedback and we acknowledge the contributions of others.

Our Residents: is anyone who lives in Massachusetts and is outraged by paying high livings expenses for sub-par conditions. We aim to give our residents an affordable and high quality area to live. We want our residents to enjoy a quality of life that does not revolve around paying astronomically high prices for high quality living.

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